As a request for a friend, I developped a small lightweight app to manage a list of contacts. It uses a fully customizable set of fields to be able to adapt it to every need. It is built in Flask and React.

Check out the repo if you’d like to know more!

Keep Control of Your Data

During my final year as engineer student at IMT Atlantique, I had the opportunity to develop a draft proposal of a system to give the control of the personal data back to their real owners on the Internet. This solution is organized in two main parts:

  1. The separation of the actors hosting the personal data from those using it. This way the services requesting the data to the user and using them would simply no longer have them, and would instead have fake data with a link pointing to the real data.
  2. The implementation of an intermediate actor that would be there as a relay between the service hosting the data and the one using them. This intermediate actor would also be responsible of making sure the real data stays visible to the users that would only see them.

Please check out the repo if you’d like to know more about the work I was involved in.